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Marketing analysis of electronic locks(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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Electronic locks take up some market share, and now the basic marketing need becomes balanced, but the profit seduces more enterprises, sure the market is expanding, and the increasing speeding is lower, this filed matures so fast.China has the big need in locks market, every year it has normal development. Chinese intends to own house, then the real estate is so prosperous and the related fields also get the opportunity, so does the security guard industry. Today electronic locks are used in luxury apartment、big project、office project、and government project, people also feel safe for electronic locks, so the new trend is shaping.Competition lets the good enterprise stay, these enterprises have the core technology and gradually take up the main market. Similar products are so common in China, price competition is not a good thing. Excellent products should pay more attention to the technology and the brand promotion. Marketing promotion is the way to make enterprises xpand, the good way can get the agreement from consumers and popularize the corporation brand and improve the channel and marketing share, finally winning the customers.
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