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How to choose the electronic door locks? What are the skills the time of purchas(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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A door lock card or proximity key card to sensitive. To be repeated consecutive card or proximity key card to open the door to normal operation, there should be "no response" or "wrong", the "phenomenon of the" motor parades. To investigate the brand locks, clock tolerance is not easily lead to confusion, as long as the check performance and stability of the smart door locks, electronic locks so-called additional features do not necessarily have the practical effect of Should choose its own error correction circuit locks. If you choose to immaturity of the product may not use or maintenance work great. Section margin intelligent lock circuit and microcomputer chip control circuit comes with the information error correction circuit to process information more stable, the door lock using the dual-clock correction error rate is very low, door lock uses a wireless data collection for the locks to maintain, The acquisition opened the door the recorded data is very convenient.2, the choice of proximity card door locks first checks its sensor sensitivity after the door lock static power consumption, general door lock battery power supply is very important to understand the static power consumption of the door lock, some brands of door sensors lock four batteries can be used for more than a year, some brands have less than a month to change the battery.Frequently change the battery will seriously affect the use.Division margin door lock industry-leading multi-line technology at the level of static power consumption is 10uA, four AAA alkaline batteries can be used continuously for more than a year. Section margin door lock with infrared sensors to identify card two power approach, the power is the most stable sensing power-on way, the largest of several major brands use the power, some brands use electromagnetic waves to identify to the way of the power of the card, the electromagnetic power mode power consumption, because the way is less infrared tube, the use of the antenna continuous hair weak signal (can not send a strong signal because the long-term hair strong signal to the great power) to identify to card. Circuit is more difficult because of the different panel materials (usually locks will be copper, alloy, stainless steel and other materials panel, there are gold, silver, chromium and other plating) will become weaker signal attenuation transmit power control, leading the way instability of the existing electromagnetic power, power-on approach has the advantage in the electromagnetic wave is the card the entire surface of pure black can be induction power, infrared power the way the card on the surface of pure black card can not be directly on the electric(no reflection infrared pure black) to take power switch is recommended to also use the infrared power way to stabilize the card is not printed the entire surface of pure black, printed on the entire surface of the gray and black can, in fact, very few customers Select the entire surface of pure black as the background color of the card.3, the choice of magnetic locks when the door card reader head and whether manufacturers developed their own encryption algorithm of the reader head, or the market, magnetic card reader head. Such as universal reader head to write the card, others can use the common reader to copy the card can not reach confidentiality effects. Section margin new magnetic card locks, IC Card, guests card with magnetic cards, administrators and maintenance information with the IC card, Magnetic Card Reader reader module its own encryption algorithm.4, the choice of smart locks should I use the materials and surface plating of the door lock panel is uniform, claimed that the copper panel whether or not to use copper or steel plate imitation gold plating, stainless steel plate 304 stainless steel or low prices 2 to 3 times the stainless iron, the user can also choose PVD surface treatment, PVD surface treatment of the normal use of fifteen years do not fade. If you choose locks the surface of ordinary plating surface depends on whether there is a seal to protect the paint.5 To make use of the standard five-latch structure of lock, the lock latch in vivo use motor-driven. Section margin intelligent lock lock improvement from the structure of the lock body in the domestic and foreign utilization rate is the highest, reasonable structure, low component wear, excellent performance, easy installation, long life on the basis of the original foreign famous brand locknormal service life of 15 years, has been praised by users Insurance tongue, generous tongue locked with anti-plug, tamper evident feature. Shenzhen to take power switch side tongue (Anti-Bolt) applications to strengthen the structure, effectively prevent breakage, bending of the wind or artificially closed the door behind the tongue play when the tongue. Section margin improved to strengthen the structure of the tongue force the vast majority concentrated in the position of the tongue is thick tongue (12mm thick), coupled with the power-point distances have been shortened to make improvements the tongue strength five timesor more.
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