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Talk about electronic door lock optional(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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Smart locks optional skills: precisely because of the intelligent lock increasingly favored by consumers and hotel side, but more as a consumer should be aware of some knowledge in the purchase of smart locks, so I teach everybody how to buyintelligent lock!A sensitive door lock card or proximity key card. To be repeated consecutive card or proximity key card to open the door running, there should be "no response" or "wrong", motor parades "phenomenon. To investigate the brand locks, clock tolerance is not easily confused, just check stable performance, intelligent lock, the so-called additional features do not necessarily have a practical effect. should choose their own error correction circuit locks. If you choose to immaturity of the product may not use or maintenance work great. Division margin intelligent locksmicrocomputer chip control circuit, the circuit comes with information error correction circuit disposal information more stable, the door lock using the dual-clock correction error rate is very low, door lock uses a wireless data collection for the door lock maintenance, acquisition door record data extremelyconvenient.Two empty rotary handle non-empty spin handle? No problem according to the years of the use of electronic door locks.Recommend the use of non-empty spin lock, non-empty spin lock from the panel device skew affect the door.The three selected magnetic door locks when the door card reader head and whether manufacturers developed their own encryption algorithm of the reader head, or the market, magnetic card reader head. Such as universal reader head to write the card, others can copy the card with the general reader can not achieve the compromise effect. Section margin new magnetic card locks, IC Card, guests card with magnetic cards, administrators and maintenance information with the IC card, Magnetic Card Reader reader module its own encryption algorithm.4 card into the IC card, TM card, magnetic card, proximity card, now the most used IC card (contact) and proximity cards (non-contact), door locks, IC card locks generally use the Siemens cards (now Shanghai Belling, Fudan University and other compatible card) induction card is mostly used by the proximity card door locks with TEMIC card (called induction IC card, can read and write data function capacity of the hotel door lock, 33) generally TEMIC card. Philips MF1 card (can be divided into a number of district reading and writing data functional capacity of 1000 bytes, high-capacity, card prices and TEMIC but almost locks the price of your lot) a lot of consumer attendance, door card MF1 card. ID card (ID proximity card is factory prior to the string of code, can only be read, not write the information into the card) ID cards for general use in the home without a computer management system, apartment smart lock, the price of the ID card about half of the TEMIC card. System card business choice of many, many intelligent Suochang smaller card factory card system, to take power switch can not guarantee that the chip purchase (many electronic components parallel) and packaging, pattern printing process.The selection of intelligent lock selected locks the panel and surface plating is uniform, claiming that the copper panel whether to use copper or steel plate imitation gold plating, stainless steel plate 304 stainless steel or low prices 2 to 3 times the stainless iron Users can also choose the PVD appearance disposal. Such as the selection of plating the surface depends on lock surface is sealed to protect paint. Section margin has always insisted the product real wood materials, such as the nominal pure copper panel, the handle is pure copper, such as nominal 304 stainless steel data must be 304 stainless steel. Pure copper forging made of imported high quality brass rod. Panel thickness and weight can be guaranteed. The plating layer fully meet the salt spray test standard.5 locks press the handle to open the door locks should be flexible, smooth, lock body should not be serious "Crash" chirp "mechanical friction sound. Gently force should be with the handle down, handle back with normal mechanical transmission oil lubrication can not entirely rely on mechanical parts connected compact, such as thanks to oil lubrication once a long time to use oil dry, door locks malfunction frequently.6 to choose the specification five-latch structure lock, the lock latch in vivo use motor-driven. Section margin intelligent lock lock improvement from the structure of the lock body in the country, outside usage is the most reasonable structure, component wear is low, high performance, convenient device, on the basis of name brand lock in the original foreign with long life normal service life of 15 years, has been well received by customers, Ping tongue, generous tongue locked with anti-plug, tamper function. The tongue (Anti-Bolt) applications to enhance the structure, effectively prevent breakage, bending of the wind or artificially closed the door behind the tongue play when the tongue. Section margin improved to strengthen the structure of the tongue force the vast majority concentrated in the position of the tongue is thick tongue (12mm thick), coupled with the stress points to shorten the distance five times more than the square tongue strength to make improvements . Shenzhen to take power switch while the other brands with the original structure is not improved lock force local distribution of the weakest of the tongue tongue tail (3mm thick) position, the tongue by the tail bending force over the rear area tongue prescription tongue can not bethe whole back door lock can not be opened. Do not be misled by other so-called lock or a new lock, that lock the structure of household door locks barely installation of electronically controlled local down and transformation of the significant increase in the use of different environments and frequency of use of the lock body performance poor and limited life.8, the appearance of the door lock according to user preferences and decorative configuration options, such as the appearance of the hotel use proposed is generally used in more solemn some of the ideal.Choose proximity card locks first checks its sensor sensitivity after the door lock static power consumption, general door lock battery power supply, the solution of the static power consumption of the door lock is very important, some brand door lock four batteries can be used for more than a year, some brands have less than a month to change the battery Shenzhen hotel electronic door locks. Frequently change the battery will seriously affect the use.
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