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Lock Market absolute favorite products(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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First, the door locks to become a leader As people's living standards improve, the improvement of housing conditions, determines the locks is bound to lock the market leader. At present, the door lock market in China is a mechanical lock, mechanical lock ball locks, handle locks and mortise lock. The mortise lock theft performance, scope of application is superior than the other locks in, it is more viable. However, we must pay attention to the level of urban and rural demand for home door locks, be treated differently. Second, the car locks into cutting-edge With the continuous expansion of China's automobile industry, the development prospects of the car locks. Ministry of Commerce announced that China's automobile production in 2004 the world's fourth, breaking the 5 million, amounting to 5.0705 million, an increase of 14.11% over the previous year. Which about 47% of car, passenger cars accounted for about 26%, trucks accounted for about 27%. Increase in vehicle production, showing the car locks good market prospects, especially high-end smart anti-theft car lock lock market potential is huge. Furniture, office locks become the new darling To improve the conditions of the home, office and commercial space increases, making furniture, office lock market is growing. At present, all kinds of drawer, wardrobe locks, luggage locks, cabinet locks, stationery cabinet locks, Cam locks, even moving lock, bathroom lock, safe locks and other furniture, office lock in great demand. These locks are closely related to real estate, furniture, property management and other industries, the pattern is more and more, increasingly high quality requirements. Fourth, high-grade lock direction With the constant deepening of China's opening to the outside world, the development of high-grade building fast, high-grade lock market outlook. China's lock industry, the locks of high-tech investment is increasing year, high-grade lock market demand is also increasing year by year. Especially in developed countries is extremely strong demand for high-end locks. Strong competitors in the lock industry in China is seizing the opportunity, and timely access to high-grade lock market. Wenzhou powerful Group through a joint approach, the lock industry more than 20 enterprises combine, integrate resources and rapidly in the high-end locks market place to stand, power locks South Korea and other lock companies have to come to points a cup of "soup". The lock of other domestic enterprises have also developed such as IC card electronic door locks, electronic locks, encryption type magnetic door locks, Rooming house intercom security system, the valve lock. Some companies are developing fingerprint lock. More prominent because of the high technical content of high-end locks humane, personalized features, so the product is relatively high profits. Plus locks new generation of products faster, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of the locks.
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