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Fingerprint lock will become the market Nova(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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With the continuous development of society, the security of the locks more and more attention has been paid. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, safety needs is just above the physiological needs of a low-level needs, but in the history of human development, security measures of the strength is in fact always related to the identity, status. The more important people and institutions, the more the need for tight security measures, sometimes it is not their own choice, it is the needs of the overall interests of society. In recent years, people continue to try to achieve a variety of modern technology to enhance security, the increasing application of biometric technology reveals the powerful advantage of the intelligent, humane, fingerprint lock, IC card locks and card locks after the electronic control of the new protagonist of the locks. With the social progress and the improvement of living standards, the average person on the security and privacy requirements. The national Ministry of Construction, Office of the housing industry have put forward: the minimum functional requirements as the Intelligent Community and the family of intelligent, is to achieve a comprehensive family homes, security, disaster prevention, anti-accident three anti-functional.
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