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Selection and maintenance of electronic locks(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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Any household products in order to extend its life, in daily life must be for maintenance. Large to the sofa, dining table, small as a tiny cups are no exception. Similarly, the electronic lock, in order to maintain the the locks appearance and prolong lock life, in daily use, you should pay attention to the care and maintenance.In an appearance maintenance: 1, during the renovations, please use the plastic bags (do not comes with plastic tape with a rubber surface with the lock surface contact) seals live lock the handle panel and the exposed parts, so as not to lock parts of the surface treatment layer by decoration with the erosion of acid or alkaline materials and gases to produce spots, blistering and even delamination, seriously affect the quality of locks appearance. Some zinc alloy and brass lock, mounted on the door a long time will find the "spot", a phenomenon that does not belong to the rust, but belong to oxidation, if this happens, as long as the surface wax jet wiping what you can get rid of the spots. Normal use, if any dirt, use a dry cloth to remove, do not scrub with detergent and other chemicals. Otherwise, it will destroy the exposed parts of the protective film and cause fading. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the lock and handle, because some metallic lock will rust; worn locks the coating of the alloy, loss of aesthetic effect.Second, the performance of maintenance: 1, in the course of a regular basis (six months or once a year) or in the key plug is not smooth, add some graphite (pencil powder) and a lubricant in the key hole Do not include any liquid substances other than oil lubricants, in order to avoid grease stick marbles spring, resulting in the lock can not turn and can not be opened. The doors close the more laborious, can be solved in the oblique tongue rubbed a little pencil powder. Two closed when the best holding the hand, rotating the latch into the lock, close the door and then let go, do not force Zhuangmen, otherwise it will reduce its useful life. 3, when the main latch or insurance latch out of the door in vitro, do not violently impact, in order to avoid the latch and the door frame damaged. 4, due to the door and door frames are installed to seal elastic, so when the handle or key lock tight, you can hand to push the door or sliding door in the door at the same time to overcome the stretch, not strength to turn the handle or key open the door, so as not to handle or key was broken
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