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Lock industry, the future development of the four directions(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-09-26
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At present, the domestic market lock lock products mainly to the production of medium and low. Since the lock industry is labor-intensive industry, low entry barriers, the degree of specialization is not high, and high-end product range is very rare. The low-end products of the competition is already heating up, the lock industry development direction where is it? First, the door locks to become a leader As people's living standards improve, the improvement of housing conditions, determines the locks is bound to lock the market leader. At present, the door lock market in China is a mechanical lock, mechanical lock ball locks, handle locks and mortise lock. The mortise lock theft performance, scope of application is superior than the other locks in, it is more viable. However, it must pay attention to the hierarchy of needs of urban and rural household door locks, and treated differently. Second, the car locks into cutting-edge With the continuous expansion of China's automobile industry, the development prospects of the car locks. Ministry of Commerce announced that China's automobile production in 2004 the world's fourth, breaking the 5 million, amounting to 5.0705 million, an increase of 14.11% over the previous year. Which about 47% of car, passenger cars accounted for about 26%, trucks accounted for about 27%. Increase in vehicle production, showing the car locks good market prospects, especially high-end smart anti-theft car lock lock market potential is huge.
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