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Joy and sadness from National day holiday(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-08
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    A long holiday of 8 days is gone, and the news of traffic and travel is filled with the headline of the media, during the holiday prime minister Wen Jiabao visited people of Huliang town of Yunnan province because of the mud-rock flow, surely the long holiday caused the argument of vacation with pay and the cancel of this holiday.   China has the big territory and a large population, so as the holiday arrives, traffic is the serious problem, but the railway does not solve the problem, and the bad thing is that the minister of this bureau was trapped in the corrupt, the government is against the corrupt so hard this time!    Since 2008, world economy has been bad, and this situation affects Chinese development. The long holiday is good for national economy, however, it also brings lots of problems, such as bad traffic and crowded scenery area.    Real estate is the basement for Chinese people, and the holiday did not show the good data of sells, the balance of profit between central government and local government is a big problem, and China is around the corner of changing the economic structure. National economy is not so good, during the holiday Guangdong province has the policy “goods on the internet” for promoting the local economy, so Jack Ma is really a great businessman with Alibaba corporation limited. Onlense Science&Technology corporation limited is also aiming at the E-commerce, we have products of code lock、hotel lock、sauna lock、fingerprint lock and other related products, hoping that the internet can really help the world come into another prosperous commercial atmosphere! 
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