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mechanical code lock for sliding door,glass door(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-01-15
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Detailed Product Description1.mechanical code lock 2.no battery mechanical code lock 3.open code lock by code or metal key 4.manufacture code lock 5.CE mechanical code lock for sliding door, glass door   mechanical code lock advantages:  1.mechanical code lock2.no battery mechanical code lock3.open code lock by code or metal key4.manufacture code lock5.CE  mechanical code lock Specifics: Energy-conserving and environment-protective without power supply.Change the code at will ,which is easy to operate.Free mechanical structure to avoid the hand touch and voice identification.Precision machinofacture, which supply either the code  to open the door.It is the security numen of hotel, home and house, apartment, factory and office.     Mechanical code lock feature  14 buttons, including 10 number keystroke and 4 letter keystroke. Special key—button “C”, eliminate misinput, easily use.Numeral key—choose 4-7buttons to set the password in 13 keystroke except button “C”.    Change code function: basic on the customers’ need, one should change password,7buttons most one time, but not overlap.    Security function: exactitude design, preciseness structure, mechanism motion. With strict trial,it can still work normally after 50000 times opening. Possess security and secrecy.    Applying function: fit for every opening direction and locale, high adaption ability. Often use at home door, garage door, office, classroom, storeroom, dormitory, safety box and so on.     mechanical code lock Golden color and silver color all avaible                   Operation way of  mechanical code lock1.There are 10 digit keys and 2 letter keys on the lock(C is clear key) 2. First,there isnt any password on the lock,the user can set the password freely before installation,and can use 1 to 11 digit as ones password,such as:2 or 49 or 6825 or 66843450789 3. When the lockbody match on the door and install the fixing screw,the user can press the tightenednut of inner door lightly and turn it with screwdriver,to make the small dot on the nut from ON to OFF 4. The user turn  certain keys anticlockwisely 180 degree to set the password. 5. If the user want to change the password,he can turn the existing password keys(set by himself before) clockwisely 180 degree,then reset the password as the above method. 6. When finishing the password setting,the user have to press the tightened nut of inner door lightly and turn it with screwdriver,to make the small dot on the nut from OFF to ON.  mechanical code lock own CE certificate   mechanical code lock suitable for office, home, fast food  restaurant     
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