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economical china cabinet lock with software system(Hits:) 
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               Detailed Product Descriptioneconomical china cabinet lock card control hotel sauna lock applicable to the chest, cabinet CE,FCC economical china cabinet lock with software system It can be used in the chest, cabinet, sauna center, entertainment place, swiming pool, stadiumIt also can work with the software , encoder. Lock Feature1. Back Panel Material: Two options (Stainless Steel or Plastic) 2. Power supply: DC4.5V, 3 pieces 1.5V Alkaline batteries 3. Low Voltage: Warning to Change or Charge 4. Static Output: 3uA Max. 5. Dynamic Output: About 250mA 6. Battery lifespan: 10000 Opening times, 150 times in Low Voltage Status 7. Working temperature: -20--70oC, humility: 98% Max. Difffernet colours of this    china cabinet lockWristband Card of  this china cabinet lock        this  cabinet lock   Pass CE Certificate   This this cabinet lock  is suitable for  sauna center, entertainment place, swiming pool, stadium 
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