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                                                        Detailed Product DescriptionHotel ic card reader door lock 8644ICSC Stainless steel material hotel software control German SLE4442 card CE, FCC, RoHS Hotel ic card reader door lock 8644ICSC-Insert the IC Card directly into the hole on the front surface-Door thickness required: 40mm-60mm-Free rotating handle, avoid unlock by violence-Smart Card is the German S4442 Encryption card. Safer and more reliable-The lock can store 256 latest unlocking records that can facilitate the hotels 's security-Low battery voltage warning A. IC card lock system  B. Multiple functions1. Five levels of control: General control, building control, floor control, area control and room control.2. Password control: System password and operating password together to ensure security.3. Cipher coding to key card: Each card has a different code that cannot be copied. 4. Area control: Cards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.5. Timing control: Working clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.6. File record: All issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening).7. Loss reporting: Open function can be cancelled when the card is missed. C.Basic Technical Functional Index:1.Power Supply:DC6V, 4 x AA batteriesIf the working voltage is less than 4.5V, it will alert a warning tone with light flashing when opening door. The lock will open 200 more times after this singal is intiated. 2. Static Electric Current:<10u A 3. Dynamic Electric Current: <150mA4. Battery Life: 12 months in normal status, will provide for 20, 000 openings.5. Inductive Distance: 1-3cm6. Record inside the lock: 976 lines for standard type7. Setting Requirement: Working temperature 0°C ~ 70°C, humidity: <95%RH8. Anti-static Electricity: Totally closing status, the problem of static electricity is resolved  FCC certificate card reader door lock
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