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Detailed Product Descriptioneconomical electronic security lock system RF card induct to open the door Software control card lock system CE economical electronic security lock system  manufacturer  We are a factory located in Guangzhou specialized in  smart security locks, hotel lock system, , rfid door lock system ,ic card lock, hotel safe, door bell for hotel guest room system from 2001 year. Our products have passed CE, ISO9001 certificate.  Core value of onlense  electronic security lock system  Euro  Mortise and ANSI  Mortise electronic security lock  , suitable for different doors Morstise A ( European Standard mortise)European Standard for deadbolt automatically. Door thickness should be 30~60mmMortise C ( ANSI Standard mortise)ANSI Standard for deadbolt by hand. Door thickness should be 40~65mm  Onlense  electronic security lock system includeONLENSE Set of Locks, Computer, Management Software, Card Issuer, RF card /IC card  Onlense electronic security lock system featureMultiple functions: Five levels of controlGeneral control, building control, floor control, area control and room control. Password controlSystem password and operating password together to ensure security.Cipher coding to key cardEach card has a different code that cannot be copied. Compulsory decoding will destroy the card automatically.Area controlCards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.Timing controlWorking clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.File record All issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening). Loss reportingOpen function can be cancelled when the card is missed.   Different grade card A. Security cardTo open all the room locks whether it is in deadbolt working or not when using it. (For senior securers in emergency).B. Manager card (Centrally-control card)To open all the room locks except in deadbolt working.(For senior management personnel of hotels).C. Waiter/Waitress cardTo come into the room and provide services for clients in the specified time D. Storey manager card To open all room locks of the designated storey except in deadbolt working. E. Cleaning cardTo come into the room to do cleaning in the specified time (For cleaners)F. Maintenance cardTo come into the room to do maintenance in the specified time (For maintenance workers)G. Client cardTo record the information of clients and open the designated room lock within its validity. (For clients).H. Record cardTo check the lock-opening records (For management personnel). I. Restriction cardWhen any valid card is missing, a restriction card can be made through system management software and card-making machineto cause the previous valid card to become void.  Onlense  electronic security lock pass FCC CertificateOnlense   electronic security lock system is suitable for hotel, motel, holiday inn, appartment,real estate ect
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