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combination lock for cabinets C500(Hits:) 
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Detailed Product DescriptionCombination lock for cabinets C500 4 dials design Easy code change Master key provided CE, FCC, RoHS combination lock for cabinets C500  - With 4 dials design- Easy installation and operation- Cabinet thickness required: 0.7mm~1mm- Users can set up their own passwords, up to 10,000 combinations provided- Dual mechanism: digits combination and master key for emergency opening- Master (over-ride) key provided to recall forgotten personal code This combination lock is suitable for use on a wide range of metal and plastic lockers and cabinets. How to set the combination Rotate the four dials to your desired combination and then turn the knob to lock position.                     ***Remember to scramble the numbers after locking   FunctionsClockwise or anti-clockwise operation of the mode selector is available and the user can change easily.  A) FIX mode This is the most common function and is used where the same code will be repeatedly used.Ideal for offices, schools and specific facilities. B) FREE modeThe User set up their own passwords to lock and then open the lock once only.Function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications eg. a locker in leisure centre and gym.   Code finding via master key 1. Insert the key into hole at a 45 degree angel 2. Rotate each dial until it stops so that the forgotten codes are shown3. Take out the key and turn the knob to unlock position Easy installation Drill a hole as details below and put the lock on locker/cabinet.  CE certificate No keys to carry, no wires to run, and no batteries to change! Our combination lock is so dependable combination lock 
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