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2012 modern design keyless door lock 5100(Hits:) 
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1.keyless door lock 2.password keyless door lock 3.digital keyless door lock manufacturer 4.manager code, user code 5.CE,FC 2012 modern design keyless door lock 5100            1.   keyless door lock advantages 1.Code to open4-10 numbers length, codes still keep after power off, wrong codes for 3 times lead the main board program taking action and stopping further operation2. Simple Installation3. Power supplies of two waysOne is batteries, the other is external electric equipment, so convenient and helpul when accidents come4. Different lights and sounds tipsThere are three colors from lights, showing variable function and conditions for users                                      2.   keypad cabinet lock Parameter Use time:More than100 thousandElectronic control part:A.Power supply:4 pcs AAA alkaline batteriesB.Static current:When indicate LED turn off,static current ≤5uAC.Transient current(Turn on lock)≤250mAD.Work current for operating keypad:≤20mAE.Anti-static current:Anti air discharge 15KV,contact discharge 8KV    3.  keypad cabinet lock certificate CE4.   lock model no. 5100 is an excellent lock for office,gym and other similar places, it helps a lot for users and makes belongings safe and users releasable 
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