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mifare cabinet lock for swimming pool, fitness center,sauna center(Hits:) 
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                        1.mifare cabinet lock with factory lowest price 2.waterproof bracelet card mifare cabinet lock 3.mifare cabinet lock system mifare cabinet lock for swimming pool, fitness center,sauna center 1.advantage1.mifare cabinet lock with factory lowest price2.waterproof bracelet card mifare cabinet lock3.mifare cabinet lock system 2. widely usagelocks can be widely used in Swimming pool ,golf center,gymnasium locker,office,hotel, supermarket,Sauna,drawer,box,Apartment,Home,school , etc. 3.File Cabinet lock Basic Function   Four levels of management: mother card, manager card, service card and guest card. Mother Card: Only one mother card in the same system, to issue or cancel service card and guest card.Manager Card: open all locks in the system. Service Card: open locks in certain area. Guest Card: open one certain room.Usage options: service card and guest card open lock independently or have to be used together. With low voltage indication and provided with power supply. 4.  mifare cabinet lock parameter  File Cabinet lock,Tech Index:1.Power Supply: DC4.5V, use of 3 pieces of AA batteries.2.Supply Voltage: below DV4.5V with lack of voltage indications and can use about 200 more times.2.Static Power Supply: <10u A.4.Dynamic Power Supply: < 150mA.5.Lifetime of battery: normally can exceed 20,000 times and 200 more with low energy indication.6.Latch length: 15mm.7.Door thickness: 15-30mm.8.Working temperature: -20~+559.Lock types: 4000EM,4000TM,2000EM,2000TM.10.Colors: Champagne Gold, black, red.  5.  mifare cabinet lock pictures          6.  mifare cabinet lock card   7.  mifare cabinet lock FCC certificate.  8.  mifare cabinet lock suitable for swimming pool, sauna center etc  
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