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household fingerprint lock from Onlense(Hits:) 
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household fingerprint lock By fingerprint,code,mifare card mechanical key to open the door Zinc alloy material CE,MA,OEM  Household fingerprint lock feature 1.By fingerprint,digit code,RF card,mechanical keys,visible,talkback,remote and etc.to open the door.2.Humanity design, Automatic backlight,Built-in doorbell, Convenient for visitors.3.OLED liquid crystal display,easy for operating.4.Core structural elements of lock mortise and lock latches use the 304 stainless steel material,andalso can install bolts on the top and bottom of the door,so lock at 3 spots;5.Back locking by pulling the handle upward.6.Baking varnish at appearance (metal paint for luxury cars),it can be last for 20 years with antifade.    By fingerprint,digit code,RF card,mechanical keys,visible,talkback,remote and etc.to open the door. Humanity design, Automatic backlight,Built-in doorbell, Convenient for visitors. elements of lock mortise and lock latches use the 304 stainless steel material,and also can installbolts on the top and bottom of the door,so lock at 3 spots; Back locking by pulling the handle upward. Baking varnish at appearance (metal paint for luxury cars),it can be last for 20 years with antifade.    Onlense household fingerprint lock technical data  Onlense household fingerprint lock pass CE Certificate  Onlense household fingerprint lock make your house security 
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