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Prime Minister Wen Jiabao: avoid the fast rising of real estate market(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-03-05
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National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference aretaking place, and today Prime MinisterWen Jiabao reported as the representative of the government, and audited plansprojects and budgets reports, parts of contents as next: With the change of macro-economy, thegovernment adjusted the policy and gave up stimulationactions, carried out thepositive financial policy and firm monetary policy. For the financial policy,the emphasis put on the balance and thought all elements. Financial deficit proportion compared grossdomestic products fell to 1.5% of 2012 from 2.8% of 2009, deficit and debtstayed in the safe level. Strengthen local government debts auditing and financing platform management, control the risk from economy development. As to the monetary policy, it is vital to balance the development and commoditiesprice rising and possibleoverheated economy. Finance system runs stable, bankingindustries can endure the bigger risk, capital adequacyratio came to 13.3% oflast year from 8.4% of 2007 year-end, non-performing loan was reduced from 6.1%to 0.95%, staying in the lower level. Central government works hard to controlthe real estate market and stop the fast rising ofthis field. In 2012, the global economy had been decreasing and many problems was coming, China had thestable policy and kept the budgetary outlays, optimize economy structure,avoiding the economy glide and making the target  set at the beginning of lastyear, grossdomestic product rises by 7.8%, and newly increased jobs was about 12,660,000, residentconsumption price was fallen to 2.6%, making the goodbasement for this year’s economy development! 
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